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Is Iran safe to travel?

Iran is vast country located, in the west of Asia continent. Offshore occurrence in south and north, biodiversity and climatic variation, the beautiful mountains in north and west part, great deserts without clouds, safe railroads and highways and historical civilizations; this country make a unique situation in tourism section. In this inscription, we try to introduce Iran and Iran Tourism Safety and potential.

Iran safe travel

Tour and Tourism Safety and Security in Iran

So the question is Iran is secure and safe country? Believe it or not in recent 2 decades, no Terroristic actions occur in Iran, in addition, no terroristic bullet has been shooted. This country has high-level security due to its powerful security system, no sabotage groups observed in these 2 recent decades at all. All Anti-Iranian activity are befall out of Iran boundaries and no terroristic events occurred inside of the country. Powerful police, the expert military force caused Iran safety and maintenance. Some governments such as the USA advised their citizens to not to travel to Iran. “State.gov,” the official USA website wrote an article and warn USA citizen to not to travel to Iran to read this article please click here. We are going to write a guideline for this pretension. There are many terroristic activities in the vicinity of Iran, due to this we witness an increase in security sensitivity and up to now Iran government was really successful in preventing the terrorist attack in Iran.

ISIS (Daesh) terroristic group

Many people confuse Iran with the rest of the middle east, I don’t know why but they see all of the middle east as same, But actually this is not true!!

Between the year 2004 and 2005 ISS has been created among Salafi group in Iraq and Syria. As this group emerged; they start terror and sabotages from west of Iraq and north Syria but they never success to cross Iran borders, after this event Iranian military service prepared, even more, they defined a secure buffer zone in its border with Iraq and threat this group to not even get close to Iran border! From 2004 to 2016 this saboteur group killed people in Iraq, Syria also they perform the successful terrorist attack in Turkey and even euro countries but they never explode one bomb in Iran. You see a simple map from involvement regions and observed this group far from Iran about 2000km.
In this hand, Iran is a Safest country in middle east and good country for traveling and vacations and if you want to travel to Iran and you are worried about security we assure you there will not happen noting.

Iran has secure roads

Railroads, highways, roads and airlines are strongly safe, this is one of the main characters that caused upturned in Iran as a developed country. Powerful culture and historical humanism among Iranian due to their strong history caused increase this parameter. If you faced with any problem, Iranian people try to help you, this is one of the Iranian people characters. Iran has good road networks speared in the north to south and west to east parts. Mighty road policies guarantee a good and safe trip for any person. Beautiful roads pass inside the jungles, mountain, deserts, and beach area. Developed transported networks with high tourism safety can rose Iran into the high position among others.