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Italian journalist Orlando Perera

Italian journalist tells his travel story with our travel agency Moonlight Trip

Giancarlo Iran Travel 2018

Guide: We are now in Maranjab desert and we want to talk about the trip we did and … please tell me how the trip went to IRAN?

Giancarlo: By now we are almost at the end, we spent 12 days … as we expected, but much richer as we expected, trip was organized by the Moonlight (Moonlight Trip), through its director who I don’t know his name (Mohsen) He contacted us from Italy … speaking excellent Italian and helped us organize this trip, according to our wishes, changing … for example this lake was not foreseen in the initial trip, it was inserted by changing the program by our request, So let’s say then the trip was very well organized and we didn’t have any problems.

Hey the hotels were very nice, very different from each other. some traditional and others were let’s say similar to those in Europe. But let’s say … we really are there … I think we have seen a lot of Iran; both the ancient and the modern present … We thought coming to understand, When we travel, we always travel trying to understand, the places the peoples where we go, So … also this time we were lucky, we were able to see and get to know the Iranian people very well … Well let’s not exaggerate …. also thanks … that we had … that helped us, that speaking very good Italian and therefore we could appreciate a lot of things that otherwise we would not have been able to see on our own

Guide: And thank you very much and bye

Bibiana Iran Travel 2018

Guide: Hi Bibiana were you satisfied with this travel agency? (Moonlight Trip)

Bibiana: yes we had a very good time, thanks to Moonlight (Moonlight Trip), And above all thanks to Mohsen.

Guide: Bibiana why did you travel with your friends to Iran?

Bibiana: Because I’ve read about Iran which was a very beautiful and very hospitable country … and above all, it is a safe country to travel to, against what Italians think.

Guide: Are you happy here?

Bibiana: very happy, very beautiful. we will surly come again for another tour, another kind of tour

Guide: Thank you … Thank you.

Graziella viaggio in Iran settembre 2018

Good evening dear Mohsen,

here we are sharing our travel impressions.

It was definitely a good experience and we will definitely come to Iran again.

Regarding the organization, everything was well done and I have to thank you, even the unscheduled day turned out to be pleasant and the dinner at Masoud’s was a pleasant surprise, how many kind people and how much welcome.

We got along very well with both guides and I must say that it was also interesting to discover some places alone because it got us a very nice chance to encounter the locals.

I am advertising you to our friends who are planning to come to Iran. And I’m switching your contacts. If you need photos of us with guides or videos, I can send them to you.

I saw that you also have a Facebook account, can I post some photos from here? we have more than 1000.

Iran has an incredible appeal, especially for us Europeans with such a different culture and social system.

You have wonderful architecture and historical evidence with great values.

I breathed intact those values such as family, respect for parents, the solidarity that we are losing.

Surely I have also heard many contradictions and discontents, but it would be nice to be able to talk about them, it is complicated to write about these things.

You are serious and good, I would still travel with your Moonlighttrip agency.

I renew my invitation to host you in Italy if you ever want to come to the North, and my daughters can be an excellent guide for you to the nearby cities.

If you can put comments on your site, just let me know and I will.

I salute you and thank you, let me know if I can advertise and how to do it.

Until next time

Graziella and Mauro

Paola Iran Travel 2019

Hi Mohsen, here we are back in Italy and disposed of the long and demanding return with a change of airport in Istanbul. In the end, we did it by taking a maxi taxi at 5 in the morning which took us about eighty kilometers from one airport to another at an acceptable cost. But of course, you have nothing to do with the flight we bought on our own. Indeed, thank you for the assistance you have given us following the absurd variations of the Turkish Airline. Instead, the rest of the trip to Iran was very interesting and well organized. We are all happy to have made this journey which has turned out to be richer and more “educational” than we thought. We are happy with the Moonlight trip that was proposed and organized. From the start, we were not afraid for our safety, unlike the cliches that circulate in Europe, but now we can say that perhaps the traveler is safer in Iran than in many western cities. And most dangerous of all is crossing the streets… All the hotels were adequate and some were beautiful. If you want to give some advice to hotels to improve hotel services, tell them to study better the position of the switches… they seem to be placed at random. There are hardly any switches near the bed! But of course, they are secondary things. Very interesting the visit and the night in the village and the trip to the desert. The drivers and guides were perfect. Of course, a special thanks go to Zahara (or how to spell it!). We very much appreciated his historical preparation and the attention he had towards us. Unfortunately for you we are not big users of social networks and therefore these evaluations will not circulate much beyond our circle of acquaintances (which is not small anyway), but if you want to use this message to introduce the agency, go ahead. We are sorry we did not have the opportunity to meet you personally, but at least we spoke on the phone. The sweets you sent us made our grandchildren love us.

Thank you and goodbye


Iran travel

Mauro Iran Travel 2016

Grazia Iran Travel 2016

Hello. We went home and we had a good trip. We liked your country very much for the beautiful places we visited but above all for the people we met. You were very good at organizing the trip. Good and clean hotels; I especially liked the traditional houses. The guide was helpful and comprehensive in its explanations and also to all our questions. Mughi (driver) drove very well and with caution and was a pleasant company even if, we struggled to understand each other. Overall, the holiday was very enjoyable and informative for all of us. Thanks again and I’m sorry I didn’t get to know you personally I hope there will be a great opportunity to do so. Greetings Grace

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