Iran dress code

After Islamic revolution women clothing in Iran should followed by Islamic rules. So knowing how the clothing work in Iran is necessary for everyone. first we discuss about how travelers should wear and then we talk in general about women clothing in Iran.

Iran travel clothing!

We know lots of our society rule is unknown for you. Even some tourists are afraid if their coverage and behavior will be disagree with the rules, the police would arrest them. But such rules aren’t observed strictly for you that are not familiar with our scociety. As I worked lots as a tour guide I never saw a tourist been arrested for such a thing. The maximum penalty for disregarding the Hijab rules for the tourists can just be a simple request (usually in a kind way) by the police or authorities to make that correct. Though we appreciate that you dressed by Iranian rules for respecting us.

So we have to know everything about the coverage in society !
Following the rules women’s head and hair must be covered , and it’s necessary for them to wear something to cover their body except their face and hands and feets. But it doesn’t mean that it’s uncommon to see a woman or girl with makeup and varnished nails there ! Many women tourist leave all their cosmetic stuff at their home. I don’t know what kind of imagination people have on Iran. Anyway I suggest to you come to Iran and see it yourself. However it’s just enough for the tourist who is coming to Iran wearing a scarf and something to cover their body. You are free to select your own style while it is match these rules. Also you can take look at Iranian women.

Vakil mosque Shiraz

Currently in Iran , some women choose a form of dress which is made of a black and long and loose cloth and it call Chador . Women who are more religious choose to wear Chador. It’s just a choice to wear Chador or not. But in Some mosques or holy shrines, it’s require women to wear a Chador before entering. But you don’t need to bring with yourself a Chador. Just before entering the holy places, there are some kiosks by the door that lend you Chador. And before exiting you should give the Chador back to them.

So after all explaining about women clothing in Iran what about men clothing in Iran. For the men you can dress like your country, just try to  not wear short pants. And you are free to choose you style.

Iranian women clothing

Now day in especially in big city women wear a scarf (Persian: مقعنه, روسری ) and a fairly long dress that cover their body which in Persian  called “Manto” (مانتو).

Iran women clothing

Also some religious women choose to wear Chador which is a long cloth that cover almost all part of the body except the face.


Iranian traditional dress

It is noteworthy that in many part of Iran you can see different groups of people that living with different culture and different tradition. Iran is a multi cultural also a multi lingual country. But all of the people come from same root and they unite under one unique name that name is Iran. The official language of the country is Persian but ethnic groups usaully have their own dialect and accent or even sometimes their own language.

Here we discuss about some of the dressing of these group


They are originally nomads and they speak in dialect which call “Lori”. Their men cover a hat (in white or black or brown color), some kind of vest and a black loose pants, with their special shoes that called “Giveh” and usually their women themselves create all of their dresses except hats and shoes (men create hats and shoes by themselves).
Bakhtiari women’s dresses are inspired by nature and they are colorful. Their shirt has two slash on both sides of the reins and they wear a skirt with many flounces on it. their skirts are really beautiful and colorful and with many flounces, and sometimes its required about 10 to 8 meters of fabric to make one of them. and also they wear a velvet vest on their shirts and also wear Giveh as their shoes. They also wear a special long and big scarf for Hijab and they wrap their scarf around their head and keep it with a pin on.

Iran traditional dress

Iran traditional dress



Ghashghaei are another originally nomadic group and they usually live in Fars region of Iran. Their men’s coverage has been changed over time but now they generally wear several types of cassock with a black pants and a beige, tan or gray double-edged hat with them. And certainly wear Giveh as  shoes.

Their women’s dresses is similar to south nomads and is composed of multi-layer skirts and a shirt and a tonic with one slash on each sides on it. they wear common handmade shoes which is present in Iran.



Their clothing is so exclusive and it’s inspire from their living location. Usually long colorful shirts and skirts with a big scarf for their women are common, and sometimes they also wear a silk or velvet vest on their long shirts, and their men wear a dark shirt with long sleeves and a very loose black pants and a shawl that they fasten it around their reins.




The Balochi people live at south east part of Iran. The men wear a pretty long loose shirt with a long pants. the color of their dress is usually white. Many confuse the men dress of the Balochi with Arab dress. Arab shirt are much longer than Balochi dress also it has different style. The Balochi women wear very colorful beautiful dress.



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