Is Iran safe to travel?

Iran lifeMost of the people consider Iran as a dangerous place, this idea mainly come from media but instead of looking at the TV news let us talk about numbers. In the text bellow we will take a realistic look at Iran and we will show you what is the difference between media and the reality.

Terrorist attack in Iran

Terrorist attack is the first thing come in any person mind, most people think that Iran is very dangerous country only because its in middle east but the fact is that if you compare the number of terrorist attacks between Iran and European countries you see that Iran is much safer than Europe. The number of terrorist attacks in Iran since 2015 are barely 2 and in none of those attacks not a single tourist got hurt but if we compare this to other countries like France that would be nothing. According to Wikipedia page in France since 2015 there were over 20 attacks which cause the death of more than 240 people, this result is only for France you can see other countries results by yourself. So you can see the numbers show the difference between the news and the truth.

Iran has one the most powerful intelligence and security service

Iran Police

Over the years Iran has showed that is so good in keeping the country safe and has safely neutralized many terrorist attacks, According to the Mehr News Iran security system has successfully neutralized 30 terrorist attacks. Its security service made Iran safe not only for its own people but also for tourists and its not just what I say you can ask the people who had visited Iran themselves.

Thief and robbery


The truth is that in every country there are things like robbery and stuff like that and Iran is no exception but Iran has much more severe punishments for crimes compared to western countries for example the punishment of armed robbery is death penalty also carrying guns is forbidden in Iran so it is really rare to see such a crime. A part from severe punishment most of the Iranian people are educated people so great amount of security in Iran come from the Iranian culture, You should visit Iran to believe that.

Iran has safe roads

Iran road

Transportation system of Iran is highly reliable and secure, Most of the roads in Iran are wide and have high quality and Iranian cities are connected with high quality buses and usually there are flights between every city and Tehran Also most of the roads are being controlled with cameras and police so this is one more reason to make you sure that Iran is highly recommended and safe for its roads.

some common questions

  • Is it possible that if I dont wear hijab in Iran i will be aressted?
    of course not, Iranian people and goverment are so nice to tourists and nobody is going to arrest you for your hijab, Maximum thing that is going to happen is that sombody tells you to wear hijab correctly and thats all.
  • Is it possible to travel to Iran with my little kids? One thing i make you sure about it is that travling to Iran would be an amazing exprience for you and specialy if you are travling with your kids they will enjoy and learn alot.
  • Should I worry about political issues that are going on?
    Over 40 years Iran has been threatened by so many countires and nothing really happend its just political games and there wont be any war.
  • Can a woman come to Iran just by herself?
    Yes there is no reason that you can’t travel alone, first of all there are so many people in Iran there are willing to help tourists and second thing is that you see pepole from all around the world so you wont be alone in Iran.