Iran Hotels

We want to our client choose their travel by the comprehensive information. Do you want a real comfortable luxuries hotel or are you ready to sacrifice your comfort to gain new experiences? All of this thing depend on you and your interest. We are not here to discuss on our personal idea about hotels but instead we are here to give you some technical information.

Modern Vs traditional hotels

All of you know the concept of the modern hotels, but what we mean when we say traditional hotel? Actually, traditional hotels are not designed originally to be hotels, usually, they were old traditional houses which transform to hotels, therefore all the rooms are not the same, some are bigger and some other rooms are smaller. The biggest or the royal room usually belong to the owner of the house. Also sometimes there are lot’s of stairs to get to the hotel or to get to the room. These are maybe the negative point of the traditional hotel but the positive point is that they are characteristic and they give you the real feel of Persian life especially the old one.


Some of the Caravansary is just for visiting but some other another method of spending your night in Iran but usually, you can find them outside of cities. In past Caravansary used by Caravan to pass their night in there and prepare to continue their way to the destination. Please attention, most of the Caravansary have toilet and bath outside of the room.