Yazd Hotel

Yazd, the first adobe city and second historical city in the world, has several historical attraction for passengers and attracts guests from different countries and cities. This guests, for their staying period have different choices. They can choose between traditional and modern hotels in traditional and modern parts of city. Here is presented some technical information about Yazd hotels:

‏Yazd Safaiyeh Hotel

yazd hotel safaieh
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4 star

  • phone number: +983538260210
  • Address: Timsar Fallahey St., Yazd
  • website: www.safaiyeh.pih.ir

Safaiyeh Persian hotel is located in a big garden in the modern and well-weathered area of Yazd. It is pretty far from the historical part of the city, but close to Dakhma (Tower of silence). It’s also close to a park and a modern mall. This hotel, mixing modern and traditional architecture, consists of two parts, new hotel and garden hotel that are separated by greenbelt and they have separated cafe-shop. The restaurant is in the new part of the hotel and guests of the old part also should go to this restaurant. This restaurant is equipped to accommodate disabled people.

Hotel Dad

Yazd Hotel Dad

  • phone number: +983536229400
  • Address: Dahom-e Farvardin St., Yazd
  • website: www.dadhotel.com/en

Hotel Dad is built in about 80 years ago, but its repaired in about 10 years ago. It’s located in the center of the Yazd and close to Markar Square, Water Musume, Shesh Badgiri reservoir,  Atashkadeh and Amirchakhmagh. This hotel in addition to its traditional structure, has modern welfare facilities. Traditional restaurant and also open restaurant and coffee shop on the roof of the hotel with the view of Yazd and historical monuments are special about this hotel. This hotel is the only four star hotel in Yazd that has received studiosus 2009 customer orientation prize of Germany.

Yazd Moshir-al Mamalek Hotel

Yazd Hotel Moshir-al-Mamalek

  • Phone Number: +983535239760
  • Address: Yazd Garden Moshir Hotel, Moshir Blvd, Enqelab St., Yazd
  • Website: www.hotelgardenmoshir.com

Moshir-al-Mamalek, the first Iranian garden hotel, is located on the old fabric margin and in the south-west of Yazd. This hotel is close to Amirchakhmagh, Water Musume, Bazar-e Khan, and Dolat Abad garden. The building of Moshir-al-Mamalek hotel has remained from the Qajar era (about 250 years ago) and it’s repaired as a hotel in 2001. This hotel in addition to its traditional structure, has modern facilities. The beautiful area of the garden, flowing creeks, rivers, and Iranian traditional architecture has made this hotel one of the tourist attractions of Yazd. The hotel has been registered in the index of Iran national monuments.

Yazd Arg-e-Jadid Hotel

Yazd Hotel Arg-e-Jadid

    • phone number: +983538285000
    • Address: Next to the Mehravaran park, Shahidan Ashraf Blvd., Yazd
    • website: www.yazdarghotel.com

Arg-e-Jadid is a new-built hotel with traditional architecture, that has a central yard and frontage of the hotel which is made of brick and thatch. Arg-e Jadid is located in the margin of Yazd and very close to Dakhma (Tower of silence). This hotels  view are Dakhma (Tower of silence) and Shir Kooh mountain chain.

Yazd Fahadan Hotel Museum

Yazd Hotel Fahadan Museum

    • phone number: +983536300600
    • Address: Fahadan St., Opposite Alexander’s Prison, Yazd
    • website: www.mehrchainhotels.com

Fahadan is the first Iranian hotel museum in the center of historical fabric of Yazd, in front of the Alexander’s Prison and next to the twelve imam mausoleum. Its also close to “Lariha house”, “Malek Zadeh house”, and “Abolfazl Zurkhaneh”. Fahadan hotel is situated in “Tehraniha house”. The Tehraniha was a carpet merchant family that lived in thsis menson about 250 years ago. Because of the beauty and manificance of this bulding it had been used as the economic consul office of some European countries such as France and Germany in past. The central courtyard, the orangery, Kolah Farangi mansion, Three windward and etc. are of the unique features of this place.

Yazd Khane Dohad Hotel

Yazd Hotel Khane Dohad

    • phone number: +9893536270336-8
    • Address: Sangrizeh alley., Asizadeh Blvd., Yazd
    • website: www.khan-e-2had.ir

Khane-Dohad is a traditional hotel within walking distance (20 min) of the city center and in the historical fabric of Yazd. This hotel is close to Amirchaghmagh, Water museum, Bazar-e Khan, Zoroastrian fire temple, and Six Badgiri Ab Anbar. Khan-e Dohad hotel is built of mud brick and has two yard with distinct architecture; one yard is made Qajar era and one in Safavieh era.

Yazd Malek-o Tojjar Hotel

Yazd Hotel Malek-o Tojjar

    • phone number: +983536224060
    • Address: Panje Ali Bazaar, Ghiam St., Yazd
    • website: www.mehrchainhotels.com

Malek-o Tojjar is a traditional hotel in the ancient quarter adjacent to the khan bazaar in Yazd. It’s close to Amirchakhmagh, Water Musume, Bazar-e Khan, and Dolat Abad garden. Malek-o Tojjar is the first mud brick hotel in the world that is made in a house belonging to a merchant title “Malek-o Tojjar” by Naser-al-din shah. Walls and roofs of most of the rooms of this hotel are painted and decorated; some of these paintings are from gold.

Yazd Mehr Traditional Hotel

Yazd Mehr Traditional Hotel

    • phone number: +98935 3622 7400
    • Address: Labe-e Khandagh alley., Giam St., Yazd
    • website: www.mehrchainhotels.com/index.php?l=EN

Mehr is a traditional hotel in historical fabric of Yazd. The building of this hotel is a mud brick mansion that is about 250 years old. Mehr hotel is very close to Amirchaghmagh, Water museum, Bazar-e Khan, Jame Mosque, Six Badgiri Ab Anbar, Alexadner Prison. This hotel is the first and only Iranian building that has received UNESCO honor prize and also its second quality certificate from SGS Company and is registered in the list of the national legacies. Mehr is the biggest traditional hotel in Yazd and includes a court yard, an orangery, a lofty wind catcher, a traditional hall, a beautiful basement now in use, a porch and an impressive roof overlooking the historical quarter.

Yazd Lab-e Khandagh Hotel

Yazd Hotel Lab-e Khandagh

    • phone number: +983536227400
    • Address: Labe-e Khandagh alley., Giam St., Yazd
    • website: www.mehrchainhotels.com/SC.php?type=static&id=59&mid=218

Lab-e Khandagh hotel is built in a traditional mansion belonging to “Tayebi” family in a quarter called Lab-e Khandagh. Lab-e Khandagh is Proximity to Amir Chakhmagh, Water Musume, Qiam avenue, downtown as well as the Panjeh ali, Khan, Zargarha and Shahzadehfazel bazaars. This mansion dates back to Qahar era and inclodes a main courtyard, an orangery, a wind catcher, a traditional hall and a roof connected to other house which overlooks the historical quarter.

Yazd Fazeli Hotel

Yazd Hotel Fazeli

    • phone number: +983536208955
    • Address: Vagh-o-Saee Sq., Jame mosque St., Yazd
    • website:

Fazeli hotel is located in traditional fabric of Yazd and in proximity to Amir Chakhmagh, Water Musume, Jame Mosque, Six Badgiri Ab Anbar. The mansion of the hotel is reconstructed in a remaining from Safavieh era in 2015.