Iran travel budget

In moonlight trip, you can ask for arranging your Iran tour package to create your unique style of traveling. Here we will help you to choose you budget travel to Iran and make an Iran cheap tour or make Iran luxury tour for yourself!

To help you to choose the best tour package that matches your budget, we should investigate which part of tour package consume more money and which part of tour package consume less money? The answer to this question is fairly complicated. I can say it depends on what kind of group are you coming? small group or big group!

The three main factor that affect your tour price in Iran are your hotels, private car, and tour guide.

The other thing that we should consider for your tour package is entrance ticket and food. Normally entrance ticket included in your package unless you ask your tour operator to remove that part for you in your tour package. But we suggest you to keep entrance fee included in your tour package because it makes things a lot easier. Food normally is not included in you package but you can ask to include that one in your package.

Iran cheap tour

How to make an Iran cheap tour package?

If you are coming in small group like 2 or 3 persons, the most money consuming of your tour package is your driver & guide, after that is your type of hotels. So what is the alternative for driver? In this case, we can suggest you Iran life tour which you travel by public transportation. If you choose Iran life tours you can reduce lots of your tour package cost and you can achieve your Iran cheap tour. Even if you want to reduce more cost of your tour package you can downgrade your hotels.

If you are coming in a big group (More than 5 persons), while you share the money for paying driver & guide and each one of you should pay for his/her own rooms in hotels, the much money consuming part of your tour package is your hotel’s accommodation. So we suggest you in this case, if you want a cheaper tour, downgrade your hotels. If you are coming in a big group we suggest you take a private car and tourist guide share among you to pay these and the price would not change lots.

Iran cheap tour

Iran entrance fee cost!

Maximum entrance fee costs is for archaeological museum in Tehran and it’s about 300,000 R (9$). Other places are  200,000 R (6$) and less.

Food cost in Iran!

The cost of food in Iran really depend in where to eat food? In normal the average cost of food in a good restaurant is around 13$ per person. But there are some restaurants with really high prices, by high price for here I mean in average 25$ per person. You can also find lots of restaurant with lower than 13$. If you try to travel in a very low budget you can eat sometimes sandwich. Sandwich costs around 3$ or 4$ . Among the sandwich Felafel is really famous and it costs only around 1$. Don’t think that Felafel because is cheap is not delicious I suggest you eat that at least once!

Iran food