Iran Visa

Iran political system allows everyone to enter the country, there are several exceptional cases which we will mention bellow. If you are searching some good information about Iran Visa In this manuscript, we give you a schematic view about laws and useful pieces of advice about Iran visa, but please note we provide visa only for our client who wants to purchase a tour, if you have already purchased a tour please after your tour has been confirmed, fill the Iran Visa Application Form.

Iran Visa

All citizenships from every country in all over the world (excluding Israel’s citizens) have the permission to enter Iran for the legal career, vacations, tour and etc. Iran has embassies and consulates in most of the countries in the world. Iran consulates and embassies distributed in important cities and capitals. below list is forbidden entering into the Iran:

  1. Forbidden people that listed in the courts.
  2. Forbidden people that listed within Iran Free-trade zone.
  3. Citizen’s from countries that forbade from entering into Iran.

Iran Free-trade zone

Some regions in Iran known as the Free-trade zone dedicated for businessmen and trade, foreign persons can enter into these regions without acquiring the visa, they can stay in this zone for 14 days and they can extend it up to six months. In these regions migration, police check persons. List of Free-trade zone are:

  1. Kish Free-trade zone locate in the Persian gulf, Kish Island is second largest island among other islands in the Persian gulf.
  2. Qeshm Free-trade zone is located in the entrance of Persian gulf and Oman sea and is the largest island in Persian gulf.
  3. Chabahar Free trade-Zone is located in Sistan and Baluchestan province.
  4. Aras Free trade zone is located northeast of Iran close to Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic borders.
  5. Anzali free-trade zone is a is a harbor town at on the Caspian sea.
  6. Arvand Free-trade zone is located in the northwest of the Persian gulf.
  7. Maku free-trade zone is located northeast of Iran near to Turkish border.

Classification of countries for Iran Visa

  • Countries that do not require a visa are Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia, Armenia, and Egypt.
  • Citizens of the countries including United state, United kingdom, and Canada only can acquire Visa if they travel to Iran with a tour. The tour program should define and confirm for the Citizens from these countries and during the tour, any change should be reported.
  • Citizenship which can not have airport visa are United state, United kingdom, Canada, Iraq, Columbia, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh. They should apply for the visa through Iran embassy or Consulate.
  • Citizenship which can not acquire reference code from the agencies are Bangladesh and Afghanistan. they should apply for the visa through Iran embassy or Consulate.

Iran Tourism Visa

After your tour has been confirmed, send us required document, the document requires for the visa are:

  • Color scan of your passport.
  • 3×4 Photo.
  • Iran visa form.

After sending us the documents between 5 and 11 days you will receive a reference code from your tour operator. You can go to the Iran consulate to get your visa or you can receive your visa from one of the Iran airports which we will mention later. Please note you should specify which airport you want to receive your visa. This kind of visa expire after 30 days but can extend up to 3 months within to the migration police in each city.

Iran Airport Visa

In this visa type travelers can go to one of the Iran airports which are mentioned in list bellow and in the airport present their required documents to get the visa.

Airports that you can get visa:

  • Imam Khomeini Airport
  • Shiraz Airport
  • Mehrabad Airport
  • Tabriz Airport
  • Mashhad Airport

There is two type of Airport visa, one which you request for the visa before coming to Iran and you have the reference code on your arrival and another one which you come without request.
The advantage of requesting visa before coming are:

  • The process for getting the visa is much faster.
  • You have more confidence to get the visa.
  • Less paperwork when you arrive at the airport.

Document required for who has reference code:

  • Presence of traveler with his/her passport with at least six-month validity
  • reference code
  • Paying for the visa

Document required without reference code:

  • Filling the form related to the Visa.
  • passport with at least six-month validity
  • If the travelers come with his wife and children, he should write their name  …
  • One 3*4 photo
  • Copy of passport

Citizens from the following country can get the visa in the airport: Azerbaijan, Albania, Germany, Austria, Armani, Uzbekistan, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Slovakia, UAE, Indonesia, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei, Belorussia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Peru, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, Denmark, Russia Federation, Romania, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, France, Palestine, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan , Qatar, Croatia, South Korea, North Korea, Colombia, Cuba, Kuwait, Georgian, Lebanon, Luxemburg, Poland, Malaysia, Hungarian, Mongolia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Venezuela, Vietnam, Netherland, Yugoslavia and Greece

Citizens from the following country can not get the visa in the airport: United state, United kingdom, Canada, Iraq, Columbia, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh. They should apply for the visa through Iran embassy or Consulate.
Price for visa in airport (Please note in addition to this you should pay for Insurance)

Country Price Country Price
Germany 75 Euro Romania 75 Euro
Austria 75 Euro Japan 60 Euro
Uzbekistan 70 Euro Sweden 75 Euro
Argentina 70 Euro Switzerland 75 Euro
Spain 75 Euro France 75 Euro
Australia 145 Euro Finland 75 Euro
Italy 75 Euro Cyprus 75 Euro
Ireland 75 Euro Kazakhstan 50 Euro
Croatia 50 Euro Brazil 80 Euro
Bulgaria 75 Euro South Korea 50 Euro
Poland 75 Euro Portugal 75 Euro
Thailand 75 Euro Hungary 75 Euro
Netherlands 75 Euro Turkmenistan 60 Euro
China – Taiwan 100 Euro India 50 Euro
Hong Kong 80 Euro Denmark 75 Euro
Russia 70 Euro Greece 75 Euro
Belarus 25 Euro Belgium 75 Euro

Business visa

If a company is your host, you can get Business visa, this type of visa is same in the expiring date compare to other visas. This type of visa is good for who want to get multiple entry visa later, otherwise, we suggest you get the tourist visa.

Multiple entry visa

Multiple entry visa is for the person that come to Iran more than 2 times a year.
Acquiring Iran multiple entry visa is only possible for who come to Iran for business purposes. This type of visa issued base on how many times the person traveled to Iran and generally expired after 6 or 12 months. the advantages for this type of visa are: saving time and money and you should not worried about visa anymore.

Official list of embassies from the Islamic Republic of Iran

  • Algeria
    • Algiers (Embassy)
  • Comoros
    • Moroni (Embassy)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • Kinshasa (Embassy)
  • Côte d’Ivoire
    • Abidjan (Embassy)
  • Egypt
    • Cairo (Interests Section)
  • Ethiopia
    • Addis Ababa (Embassy)
  • Ghana
    • Accra (Embassy)
  • Guinea
    • Conakry (Embassy)
  • Kenya
    • Nairobi (Embassy)
  • Libya
    • Tripoli (Embassy)
  • Madagascar
    • Antananarivo (Embassy)
  • Mali
    • Bamako (Embassy)
  • Morocco
    • Rabat (Embassy)
  • Namibia
    • Windhoek (Embassy)
  • Niger
    • Niamey (Embassy)
  • Nigeria
    • Abuja (Embassy)
  • Senegal
    • Dakar (Embassy)
  • Somalia
    • Mogadishu (Embassy)
  • South Africa
    • Pretoria (Embassy)
  • Tanzania
    • Dar es Salaam (Embassy)
  • Tunisia
    • Tunis (Embassy)
  • Uganda
    • Kampala (Embassy)
  • Zimbabwe
    • Harare (Embassy)
  • Argentina
    • Buenos Aires (Embassy)
  • Bolivia
    • La Paz (Embassy)
  • Brazil
    • Brasilia (Embassy)
  • Canada
    • Ottawa (Interests Section via the Embassy of Oman)
  • Chile
    • Santiago (Embassy)
  • Colombia
    • Bogotá (Embassy)
  • Cuba
    • Havana (Embassy)
  • Ecuador
    • Quito (Embassy)
  • Mexico
    • Mexico City (Embassy)
  • Nicaragua
    • Managua (Embassy)
  • United States
    • Washington, DC (Interests Section via the Embassy of Pakistan)
  • Uruguay
    • Montevideo (Embassy)
  • Venezuela
    • Caracas (Embassy)
  • Afghanistan
    • Kabul (Embassy)
    • Herat (Consulate-General)
    • Jalalabad (Consulate-General)
    • Kandahar (Consulate-General)
    • Mazar-i Sharif (Consulate-General)
  • Armenia
    • Yerevan (Embassy)
  • Azerbaijan
    • Baku (Embassy)
    • Nakhchivan (Consulate-General)
  • Bangladesh
    • Dhaka (Embassy)
  • Brunei
    • Bandar Seri Begawan (Embassy)
  • Burma
    • Yangon (Embassy)
  • Cambodia
    • Phnom Penh (Embassy)
  • China
    • Beijing (Embassy)
    • Guangzhou (Consulate-General)
    • Hong Kong (Consulate-General)
    • Shanghai (Consulate-General)
  • Georgia
    • Tbilisi (Embassy)
  • India
    • New Delhi (Embassy)
    • Hyderabad (Consulate-General)
    • Mumbai (Consulate-General)
  • Indonesia
    • Jakarta (Embassy)
  • Iraq
    • Baghdad (Embassy)
    • Basra (Consulate-General)
    • Erbil (Consulate-General)
    • Karbala (Consulate-General)
  • Japan
    • Tokyo (Embassy)
  • Jordan
    • Amman (Embassy)
  • Kazakhstan
    • Astana (Embassy)
  • North Korea
    • Pyongyang (Embassy)
  • Republic of Korea
    • Seoul (Embassy)
  • Kuwait
    • Kuwait City (Embassy)
  • Kyrgyzstan
    • Bishkek (Embassy)
  • Lebanon
    • Beirut (Embassy)
  • Malaysia
    • Kuala Lumpur (Embassy)
  • Oman
    • Muscat (Embassy)
  • Pakistan
    • Islamabad (Embassy)
    • Karachi (Consulate-General)
    • Lahore (Consulate-General)
    • Peshawar (Consulate-General)
    • Quetta (Consulate-General)
  • Philippines
    • Manila (Embassy)
  • Qatar
    • Doha (Embassy)
  • Sri Lanka
    • Colombo (Embassy)
  • Syria
    • Damascus (Embassy)
  • Tajikistan
    • Dushanbe (Embassy)
  • Thailand
    • Bangkok (Embassy)
  • Turkey
    • Ankara (Embassy)
    • Erzurum (Consulate-General)
    • Istanbul (Consulate-General)
    • Trabzon (Consulate-General)
  • Turkmenistan
    • Ashgabat (Embassy)
    • Mary (Consulate-General)
  • United Arab Emirates
    • Abu Dhabi (Embassy)
    • Dubai (Consulate-General)
  • Uzbekistan
    • Tashkent (Embassy)
  • Vietnam
    • Hanoi (Embassy)
  • Yemen
    • San‘a’ (Embassy)
  • Albania
    • Tirana (Embassy)
  • Austria
    • Vienna (Embassy)
  • Belarus
    • Minsk (Embassy)
  • Belgium
    • Brussels (Embassy)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Sarajevo (Embassy)
  • Bulgaria
    • Sofia (Embassy)
  • Croatia
    • Zagreb (Embassy)
  • Cyprus
    • Nicosia (Embassy)
  • Czech Republic
    • Prague (Embassy)
  • Denmark
    • Copenhagen (Embassy)
  • Finland
    • Helsinki (Embassy)
  • France
    • Paris (Embassy)
  • Germany
    • Berlin (Embassy)
    • Frankfurt (Consulate-General)
    • Hamburg (Consulate-General)
    • Munich (Consulate-General)
  • Greece
    • Athens (Embassy)
  • Holy See
    • Rome (Embassy)
  • Hungary
    • Budapest (Embassy)
  • Ireland
    • Dublin (Embassy)
  • Italy
    • Rome (Embassy)
    • Milan (Consulate-General)
  • Macedonia
    • Skopje (Embassy)
  • Netherlands
    • The Hague (Embassy)
  • Norway
    • Oslo (Embassy)
  • Poland
    • Warsaw (Embassy)
  • Portugal
    • Lisbon (Embassy)
  • Romania
    • Bucharest (Embassy)
  • Russia
    • Moscow (Embassy)
    • Astrakhan (Consulate-General)
    • Kazan (Consulate-General)
  • Serbia
    • Belgrade (Embassy)
  • Slovenia
    • Ljubljana (Embassy)
  • Spain
    • Madrid (Embassy)
  • Sweden
    • Stockholm (Embassy)
  • Switzerland
    • Bern (Embassy)
    • Geneva (Consulate-General)
  • Ukraine
    • Kiev (Embassy)
  • United Kingdom
    • London (Embassy)
  • Australia
    • Canberra (Embassy)
  • New Zealand
    • Wellington (Embassy)