Iran north west

Our travel will start from Tehran to Qazvin, from the capital of Iran to the beautiful historical city which was a former capital of the Iran under Safavid dynasty. That is a provincial capital now that has been an important cultural center throughout history. Qazvin played a great role in some part of Iranian history. Qazvin contains several historical buildings from the Safavid era, date back to the period in which it was capital of Iran. Perhaps the most famous of the surviving building is “Chehelsotoon”, an amazing building I’m sure you will be stunned when you see the power of Iranian architecture! and a museum in central Qazvin and more historical places.
Then we will head to Zanjana, the city which in the case of the appellation of it have different opinions were presented by researchers and writers. Zanjan until the late ninth century AH was uninhabited. During the Safavid era the city is rebuilt and re-started its life activity. However, according to travelers and tourists and also study historical texts and archaeological studies appears to be three thousand years old despite all the current works and urban fabric are fairly new. In other words, according to what was mentioned briefly in Zanjan in different periods , due to the destruction of the enemy attacks and to review new city is on the ruins of the old restoration . Zanjan from past up to now due to the Silk road trade route to India and China to Europe had attracted lots of attention.
The next town that we will see has a long and bright history, some of ancient sites dated back to 1500 BC . “Tabriz” contains many historical monuments representing the development of Iranian architecture in its long historical timelines. Most of the preserved historical sites in the city belong to Safavid and Qajar period. Some of Tabriz sightseeing can be “Shariar tomb”, “Bazaar of Tabriz”(The biggest traditional Bazaar in Iran), “Masjede kaboud” (blue mosque), “Ey goli park” .
After visiting Tabriz, we will head to Sareyn which is a city in Ardabil Province. Sareyn is known for its hot springs. The word Sareyn in the Persian dictionary means “Spring’s Outlet”. The population of the city is around 8000, but it increases to more than 20000 in the summers just because of the many tourists who go there due to its charming climate. actually, the climate and hot springs are the first attractions to tourists who travel to this region from different parts of Iran and the world.
Now at this point of our trip, we start to go to Gilan province. This province situated south of Caspian sea or in another word north of the Iran. There are three main regions at the Southern part of Caspian sea which are Gilan region, Mazandaran province, and Golestan province. This region is special for Iranian people, even though the major part of the Iran is desert, this part is green, due to this at summer and spring there a lot of Iranian tourists there. Northern Iran was a trendy spot during the Pahlavi era, especially among the foreign tourists, but today it’s mostly visited by domestic tourists. We will stay in Anzali, a city which is part of Gilan province, Anzali established around 120 to 150 years ago.
After seeing these amazing cities and a few other small cities we’ll be crossing Qazvin again and come back to Tehran.

Iran Travel Itinerary

  • Day 1Arrive at Imam Khomeini international airport and Transfer to Hotel for refreshing. Today visiting Iran National Museum, the busiest Bazaar in Iran and Iran Jewelry museum.
  • Day 2Drive to Zanjan. En route visit Qazvin, including “Chehl sotoon”, “Chahar anbia tomb” and Qazvin Bazaar. Then head to Zanjan and visit “Gonbade Soltanieh”(Soltanieh dome) and Zanjan Bazaar.
  • Day 3Drive to Tabriz. Visit blue mosque, Tabriz museum, Tabriz Bazaar and Mashrooteh house.
  • Day 4An excursion to Kandovan village come back to Tabriz for the free afternoon.
  • Day 5Drive to Ardabil province. En rout visit Sarein the city which is famous for its natural hot water. In Ardabil visit tomb of “Sheykh safi” the ancestor of Savid king and Bazaar of Ardabil.
  • Day 6Drive to Anzali a coastal city.
  • Day 7An excursion to Masouleh village and Roudkhan castle.
  • Day 8Drive back to Imam khomeini international airport to departure the country.