Takab Iran tour north west and north of Iran

You may imagine that Iran is just a vast desert. This is somehow true since seventy percent of Iran covers with desert. Most of Iran’s desert areas located in the center and south of Iran. Usually, visitors visit cities located in the center of Iran for their first visit, cities like Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz. In this travel program, we are going to talk about north and west parts of Iran. Because of Alborz mountain chain and Caspian Sea, there are nice looking natural and handmade attractions, such as green mountains, rivers, rice and tea fields and various delicious foods in the north. In the north west of Iran, the habitants are Azeri and speaks with Azeri language. Iran Kurdistan is a beautiful province that Kurdish people live there. Their culture, ceremonies such as their colorful clothing are eye-catching. In this program, Khuzestan is not included, but you can customize your program by adding this province. Khuzestan a frontier province, located in the south west of Iran. There are some monuments remained from ancient civilization named Elam, like Ziggurat. In this program the tourist will have a multi-cultural and multi-lingual travel. There are some heritage sites in this program, but it is not like the classical program, in the other word their type is different. If your time allows, you can merge this program with other programs and customize it and have a complete visit of Iran country.

Iran tour Iternairy

  • Day 1In this day you arrive at Imam Khomeini International Airport, Transfer to the hotel. On the way of transfer, you visit Imam Khomeini tomb. Depending on your arrival time, visiting Jewelry national museum, Iran national museum and Golestan palace are in your itinerary.
  • Day 2Visiting north of the city, Saad abad complex, Tajrish bazar and Nature bridge.
  • Day 3Moving to Qazvin from Tehran in the morning. Visiting chehel sotoun garden, old bazaar, Jame mosque of Qazvin. Aminiha house, Tomb of the Four Prophets.
  • Day 4Today we move to Lahijan, on the way we visit Masouleh village. Visiting tea museum and Telekabin in the afternoon.
  • Day 5Today we move to Bandar anzali on the way we will visit fruit and fish bazaar of Rasht after arriving at Bandar Anzali visit swamp and Pahlavi palace.
  • Day 6Move to Ardabil and visit Shekh-Safi-Tomb
  • Day 7Today we visit Tabriz historical bazaar, blue mosque and Constitution House of Tabriz.
  • Day 8Moving to Tekab city. On the way visiting Kandovan village.
  • Day 9Visiting takht-e-Solomon, Solomon mountain and moving to Sanandaj
  • Day 10Today we visit Sanadaj historical bazar and Asef museum and moving to Kermanshah in the afternoon.
  • Day 11Visiting Taq-e Bostan, Bistoon and moving to Hamedan
  • Day 12Today we visit tomb of Esther and Mordechai, Ecbatana, Avicenna tomb and moving to Imam Khomeini International airport.