how to travel to iran?

What to see in Iran for first time travelers?

Iran is very vast land and seeing all of it consume lot’s of times, due to this the question will arise that what to see for the first time? Generally For the  first time most of tourists do the classical tour, which means center part of the Iran which is mostly desert. The very first three cities which are considered more important to visit are Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan and Tehran. Normally the tour for these three cites need around 10 days take a look at this itinerary. But what if you have more time in this case it is possible to add Kashan and even if you have more time you can add Kerman to your program, take a look at this itinerary.
Why see these cities first? The answer lies in some of the important sites that are in these cities. Without a doubt Persepolis consider as marvelous example of ancient Iran history. Some even say it’s worth just for Persepolis traveling to Iran. Yazd also has very good preserved historical city center, which made of mud bricks, the city has beautiful narrow alley with Wind Tower and the longest Qanat in the world lie in this city. Isfahan has the second biggest square in the world after china, the amazing architecture of Safavid period astonish every visitor that come to the city.
Which time is best to travel to Iran for the classical tour? Best time for this trip is around March to May and September to November. Another time also is possible, but it could be cold or warm.

So these could be the reason that maybe you should choose this route when you come to Iran for the first time. But anyway every human is different and maybe your interest is something else! Read more about Iran and feel free to ask Moonligh Trip travel agent about your interest. We are always ready to assist you and give you new ideas.


For a second time traveler, what are the recommended destinations?

For the second time you have many choices, including North of the Iran, West of the Iran, South of Iran or East of the Iran. It depends on your interests and each part has different climate as others. North and Northwest of the Iran are good choices for the summer time or the time that other part of  Iran is warm, South and Southwest of the Iran are a good choice for winter time or the time which other part of the Iran is cold.

Please take a look at our itinerary and share your interest to our travel agent. We will make a perfect trip for you.